la storia del brand Pantal贸n



Pantal贸n Brand is an Italian streetwear clothing and accessories brand born in 2020 from an idea of Gianmarco Losito, a young man from Bari who decided to get involved and realize his dream. 

The idea comes to life in the garage of the house used as a studio and warehouse, where Gianmarco, together with his two collaborators, begins to draw and design inspired by street cultures and contemporary trends


The distinctive features of the style proposed by Pantalón Brand are:

1) Oversize fit of the garments, with minimal and simple lines;
2) Attention to creativity and the enhancement of individual personality, with collections full of limited editions and unique items.


In cities, dynamic and orderly chaotic, there is the common thread that connects the various items of the different collections;
Pantal贸n Brand clothing in fact, wants to be a real journey, shared through garments that tell a story.


Having moved to Verona, Gianmarco creates new friendships and new relationships which lead him, a bit for fun, to give birth to the name of the brand following a bet.

In particular, one morning on his way to work, on public transport he heard a woman complaining that she had to go and fix her pantalon . Taking a cue from that phrase that appeared funny and nice, he decided with the testimony of his colleagues that if he managed to make his dream come true, the brand would be called just like that: "Pantal贸n".


Gianmarco Losito was born in Bari in 1997 from a humble Apulian family, a mother nurse and a mechanical father.

The passion for fashion, especially streetwear comes in the early years of high school, when Gianmarco begins to dream of creating his own brand.

Just turned 18 without wasting time, he immediately started working as a waiter in a restaurant in the center of Bari.

The goal is to set aside a sum to give life to his dream, but the salary is not enough, so after a year with determination and determination, Gianmarco leaves his country and his friendships to move to the north.

In Verona he met new people, established friendships and following a word heard by chance and a superstitious bet made with friends, the name of the brand was born.

When everything seems to go right Gianmarco is hit by Bell’s Paralysis. The right side of the face becomes paralyzed and the causes are still unknown.

After several treatments, the paralysis slowly fades but leaves a mark, and not only physical. Since then, in fact, Gianmarco does not want to waste any more time.

He starts like this, for a new adventure starting to do the seasons in the mountains together with his girlfriend.
In the free months he began to travel, from Europe to Australia passing through Singapore.

And it is coming back from this last journey that comes to life the flagship collection (Dispersal Collection) that today distinguishes the brand in the Italian streetwear market.

In May 2020, after years of sacrifices, removals, some bad luck and the loss of a job as a waiter due to the pandemic, the first t-shirts are online.

From that day to today through the Instagram and TikTok channels, Gianmarco reveals every day the background of the company by making a large part of his Communty.


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