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Pantalón Brand was born from the willpower and vision of Gianmarco Losito , a young boy originally from the province of Bari.

The idea comes to life in the home garage used as an artistic studio and warehouse, where Gianmarco, together with his collaborators and without having any particular preparation in this regard, launches his brand in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, guided by the passion that has developed since high school nourishes for fashion, especially for streetwear .


In the cities, dynamic and orderly chaotic, we find the common thread that links the various items of the different collections.

Gianmarco draws the best ideas above all from the memories collected during his numerous travels , which represent his other great passion. This is why he likes to think of his brand not just as a brand that produces clothing, but as a real journey, in which each garment is woven with a story to tell .


Having moved to Verona, Gianmarco creates new friendships and new relationships which lead him, a bit for fun, to give birth to the name of the brand following a bet.

In particular, one morning on his way to work, on public transport he heard a woman complaining that she had to go and fix her pantalon . Taking a cue from that phrase that appeared funny and nice, he decided with the testimony of his colleagues that if he managed to make his dream come true, the brand would be called just like that: "Pantalón".


Pantalón Brand, instead of following the marketing strategies common to other brands, brings to the table the transparency behind the concept and the implementation projects, in a continuous exchange with the social community , whose users are not simple spectators, but an integral part.

The social channels of Pantalón Brand, in fact, are not just a showcase for the brand, but represent a real meeting point for a community that shares the same values ​​that are the basis of the collections.

Based in Italy Inspired by cities

la storia del brand Pantalón


The founder of Pantalón Brand, born in 1997 , was just eighteen years old when he decided to accept a job as a waiter at a restaurant in the center of Bari, with the aim of saving a nest egg that would allow him to make his dreams come true. Yet, the salary is not enough.

With the determination and grit that belong to him, Gianmarco decides to move to Verona . At first, he tries in vain to take on the role of a Foot Locker clerk, then he starts working in a hamburger shop. The new job allows him to make meaningful connections, make new friends and increase his desire to start his own business.

Yet, Gianmarco's dreams come to a sudden halt when the right side of his face is paralyzed by Bell's syndrome , for reasons still unknown today. The experience leaves both a physical and mental mark in the heart of the young founder who, determined not to waste time, begins to travel around the world.

From Europe to Singapore , up to Australia : the discovery of cultures (including fashion) other than the Italian one converge in the Dispersal Collection , still an icon of the brand today.

It is only in May 2020 , after a long series of sacrifices, accidents and moves around Italy, that Pantalón Brand sees the light in its best guise with the launch of the first t-shirts on the web.


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