la storia del brand Pantal贸n
Gianmarco Losito
CEO e Founder dell'azienda di abbigliamento Pantal贸n Brand.


Pantalón Brand is an Italian streetwear brand specialized in oversize style.

It was founded in May 2020 by Gianmarco Losito, a boy from Bari who after losing his job as a waiter because of the pandemic decided to risk and realize his dream.

The idea comes to life in the garage of the house used as a studio and warehouse, where Gianmarco, together with his two collaborators, begins to draw and design inspired by street cultures and contemporary trends. 


The recognizable design with simple lines and oversize fit are the strengths of the brand that aims to enhance the personality and stimulate the creativity of people, encouraging them to choose unique and limited edition garments.

Through the social channels, Pantalón Brand reveals every day the background of the company making a large part of its Community.

Pantalon Brand di Losito Gianmarco storia


The main source of inspiration is cities. Pantalón Brand, in fact, does not want to be just a clothing brand, but a real travel, shared through garments that tell a story.


Gianmarco Losito was born in Bari in 1997.
Passionate about fashion, especially streetwear, he began to take an interest in the sector in his high school years, dreaming of creating his own brand. 

At the age of 18 he began working as a waiter in a restaurant in the center, with the aim of creating a secure economic base to move to a city with the greatest possibilities.

At the age of 19, with determination, he left his country and his friends to settle in Verona, the city from which the brand’s name was inspired.

Only in January 2020 in full pandemic, thanks to immense sacrifices, several removals and a great passion, in the garage of his residence Gianmarco finally opens the VAT number of what is now in effect the Company Pantalón Brand Losito Gianmarco.

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